topic: synchronization/coherency issues in multi-core architecture. e.g., transactional memory

meeting next time: 12/22 AM 11:00

Oral presentation: 12/31 PM:15:30

term report due date: 1/21

1. transaction memory

 宗慶, 文昌

2. token coherence, ring based ... and some new coherence protocol

 文隆, 雋中

3. 把multi-processor的東西修改後,加在cmp上

 皓翔, 俞任

Paper referenced:


● Synchronization state buffer: supporting efficient fine-grain synchronization on many-core architectures ISCA’07

● Coherence decoupling: making use of incoherence ASPLOS’04

a survey of cache coherence schemes for multiprocessors, 1990

● interconnect-aware coherence protocols for chip multiprocessors, 2006

● cache coherence in large-scale shared-memory multiprocessors: issues and comparisons, 1993

● transactional collection classes, 2007

● transactional memory coherence and consistency, 2004

● split private and shared L2 cache architecture for snooping-based cmp, 2007

Example papers:



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