◎ADS(ARM Development suite) consists of the following major components:

  • Command-line development tools
    • armcc、armcpp - The ARM C/C++ compiler.
    • tcc、tcpp - The Thumb C/C++ compiler.
    • armasm - The ARM and Thumb assembler.
    • armlink - The ARM linker.
    • armsd - The ARM and Thumb symbolic debugger.

  • GUI development tools
    • AXD - The ARM debugger for Windows and UNIX.
    • CodeWarrior IDE - The project management tool for Windows(not available for UNIX).

  • Utilities - The following utility tools are provided to support the main development tools
    • fromELF - The ARM image conversion utility.
    • armprof - The ARM profiler displays an execution profile of a simple program from a profile data file generated by an ARM debugger.
    • armar

  • Supporting software
    • ARMulator - The ARM core simulator.

◎ADS Supports for all ARM cores and processors.

The Naming Rule of ARM IP



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