AndeSight Overview

The following diagram indicates the full view of AndeSight and AndESLive, and the relationship between each part.

How Does AndeSight Work


Support C and C++ language

SoC Builder

Profiling Results

1.Flat View

‧Time %

This is the percentage of the total execution time your program spent in this function. These should all add up to 100%

‧Cumulative Instruction and Cycle count

This is the cumulative total number of instructions and cycles the simulator spent executing the functions, plus the time spent in all the functions above this one in this table.

‧Self Instruction and Cycle count

This is the number of instruction and cycle accounted for by this function alone. The flat profile listing is sorted first by this number.


This is the total number of times the function was called. If the function was never called, or the number of times it was called cannot be determined (probably because the function was not compiled with profiling enabled), the calls field is blank.

‧Self Instruction/Cycle per call

This represents the average number of instructions and cycle spent in this function per call, if this function is profiled. Otherwise, this field is blank for this function.

‧Total Call Instruction/Cycle count

This represents the average number of instructions and cycles spent in this function and its descendants per call, if this function is profiled. Otherwise, this field is blank for this function. This is the only field in the flat profile that uses call graph analysis.


This is the name of the function. The flat profile is sorted by this field alphabetically after the self seconds and calls fields are sorted.

2.Call view

The call view shows how much time was spent in each function and its children. From this information, you can find functions that, while they themselves may not have used much time, called other functions that did use unusual amounts of time.

3.Timeline view

The timeline view allows you to track function calls as they occur over a period of time. This is useful for viewing function call sequence. Even though the program is recursive or has repeated loops, the function calls will be listed separately.

Once finding any query and needing modifications of the source, you can right click the function, and then Go to Source will popup. Through this, you can easily find and switch to the source position for review.

Some Questions

  • Is there only one type of CPU that we can use in AndeSight?
    • <Andes> YES. N12 is AndeScore, the CPU IP of Andes.

  • Does AndeSight provide more detailed profiling results like the memory usage, the flow rate of bus, etc…?
    • <Andes> The profiling support will include software execution, bus utilization, and memory usage. These are all in our product roadmap. The software execution profiling is now function call level, and will detail to block level, instruction level. Bus utilization and memory usage will be much later with data processing and GUI presentation.

  • Can we change the configuration of CPU, and other components?
    • <Andes> We will firstly provide cache on/off option in later beta version this month.The options you mentioned are supported in simulator but not well integrated into IDE. This is planned in next release.
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