After updating project, you will see the added files .

scatfile.scat : This is scatter-loading file. Before compiling project , you need to set the arm linker variables.

  1. The LinkType : Scattered
  2. Scatter description file : scatfile.scat

heap.s & init_heapstack.c : These are files that should be inclued in the project. The linker variable Image$$ZI$$LIMIT will be undefined when you chose the linker type scatter-loading. This is why we should add the two files in project.

Now , you can compile it normally.

Next step is to set the target memory map.

  1. IN AXD ..
  2. (settings before run)
    1. Chose option → configurate target → ARMUL → Configure
    2. Chose Clock to Emulated → 200mhz
    3. Chose Processor to ARM9TDMI-REV2
    4. chose the memory map file to the file
  3. (give AXD input file)
    1. File → load memory from file → chose the F-18.ljpg & set the address 0x30400000
  4. Run .
  5. (store onput image from buffer into file)
    1. File → Save memory to file → file name: test.ppm ; address: 0x00002000 ; size:3840F
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