Parallelize applications and Watch performance results

  • Goal:
    1. Parallelize programs
    2. Compare the performance results before and after parallelization.
  • Environment:
    1. Input program:
      • em3d
      • ???
    2. Platform:
      • Windows XP (or we could use linux later, if any problems occurs)
    3. Performance tool used:
      • Vtune for windows 7.2.
    4. Performance results for programs.
      • Performance improvement for simple program.

Action items

Monday Simics (something, Aray, puls)

Programs (aray, something)

  1. Find and list programs to be analyzed.
  2. To parallelize the program with pthread or multi-thread libraries or openmp. (please check reference as well.)
  3. *Why OpenMP? Show the results from the paper. Reproduce the result first.
  4. *Comparison the performance with OpenMp version and the version on the paper.
  5. Maybe we have other parallelized em3d programs.

Vtune (puls, something)

  1. Run programs to generate performance results. (Sampling and Callgraph)
  2. Run programs in single thread and multi-threads.

Our Progress


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