Basic operations

Run & pause

First run a simics simulator by simics

continue or c


Save all status in simics

write-configuration after_boot.conf 

To load this checkpoint, select File → Open Checkpoint and open after_boot.conf created earlier


Need special license.
Allow one “backward” simulator

set-bookmark booted 
skip-to bookmark = booted 


Create a module

cd ${workspace}
${simics}/bin/workspace-setup --c-device=$MODULE

Module will be ${workspace}/modules/$MODULE

C Device module API

  • struct $MODULE_t
  • new_instance
  • new_instance
  • set_value_attribute
  • get_value_attribute
  • init_local


Preinstall craff image
Put the download images to ${simics}/targets/<arch>/images/

Some philosophies in simics

Simics is a pure functional simulator, it has very simple timing model. It assumes that each instruction takes one time tick to execute and the processor execute all instructions in a sequential order.

CMP related topic:

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