2010 Virtual Platforms and Embedded Systems Design

Date Speaker Title Year Conference
99/12/21張育碩Full System Simulation with QEMU- an Approach to Multi-view 3D GPU Design2010IEEE ISCAS
99/12/21陳君翰Architecture Model
99/12/14涂嘉恆The Performance Evaluation for Virtual Platforms2011SC2
99/12/07邱柏勳 MPI for Heterogeneous Embedded Distributed Systems2006ICPADS
99/11/30梁福田Accurate Online Power Estimation and Automatic BatteryBehavior Based Power Model Generation for Smartphones2010CODES/ISSS
99/11/30張哲瑋Predictable performance in SMT processors2004ACM CF
99/11/30黃昱文Multifacet's General Execution-driven Multiprocessor Simulator (GEMS) Toolset2005SIGARCH CAN
99/11/23涂嘉恆Fast Instruction Cache Modeling for Approximate Timed HW/SW Co-simulation2010GLSVLSI
99/11/16陳裕偉Trace-based Just-in-Time Type Specialization for Dynamic Languages2009ACM SIGPLAN PLDI
99/11/16李慧娟Profile Driven Data-Dependency Analysis for Improved High Level Language Hardware Synthesis2009FPT
99/11/02張育碩Power Analysis of Mobile 3D Graphics2006DATE
99/11/02陳君翰Application Modeling
99/10/26邱柏勳Optimize the Performance for MPICH Library2007ICCS
99/10/26張哲瑋Extending Inter-Process Synchronization with Robust Mutex and Variants in Condition Wait2008
99/10/19涂嘉恆Task Graph Extraction for Embedded System Synthesis2003VLSI Design
99/10/12黃昱文Realities of Multi-Core CPU Chips and Memory Contention2009PDP
99/10/12陳裕偉Performance Prediction Based on Inherent Program Similarity2006PACT
99/10/05李慧娟An Event-driven Multithreaded Dynamic Optimization Framework2005PACT
99/10/05許匯鑫 Hybrid Profiling Support2005PACT
99/09/28張育碩A Tightly-Coupled IA32 Heterogeneous Chip Multiprocessor2007PACT
99/09/28陳君翰Characterizing the TLB Behavior of Emerging Parallel Workloads on Chip Multiprocessors2009PACT
99/09/28陳人豪Reducing Energy Consumption of On-Chip Networks Through a Hybrid Compiler-Runtime Approach2007PACT
99/09/21邱柏勳 A Coherent Shared Memory Interface for Cell BE2008PACT
99/09/06李慧娟Replay-Based Synchronization of Timestamps in Event Traces of Massively Parallel Applications2008ICPP
99/09/06張育碩 Performance Study and Application to MPI2006ICPP
99/09/06陳勇偉Performance Analysis and Optimization of Parallel Scientific Applications on CMP Cluster Systems2008ICPP
99/09/06陳人豪Performance Predictions for General-Purpose Computation on GPUs2007ICPP
99/08/30邱柏勳Load Balancing and Efficient Memory Usage for Homogeneous Distributed Real-Time Embedded Systems2008ICPP
99/08/30張哲瑋Multi-Layer Event Trace Analysis for Parallel I/O Performance Tuning2007ICPP
99/08/30涂嘉恆Loop-level Speculative Parallelism in Embedded Applications2007ICPP
99/08/30黃昱文 Combining Performance with Dependability Using Self-virtualization2007ICPP
99/08/23許匯鑫High-performance Timing Simulation of Embedded Software2008DAC
99/08/23陳裕偉Non-intrusive Dynamic Application Profiling for Multitasked Applications2009DAC
99/08/23李慧娟Misleading Performance Claims in Parallel Computations2009DAC
99/08/23張育碩The KILL Rule for Multicore2007DAC
99/08/23陳勇偉Improving Java Virtual Machine Reliability for Memory-constrained Embedded Systems2005DAC
99/08/16陳人豪 It's Déjà vu All Over Again2009DAC
99/08/16邱柏勳Efficient Program Scheduling for Heterogeneous Multi-core Processors2009DAC
99/08/16張哲瑋 Status, Challenges and Future Directions2007DAC
99/08/16涂嘉恆Multiprocessor Performance Estimation Using Hybrid Simulation2008DAC
99/08/16黃昱文An Efficient Approach for System-level Timing Simulation of Compiler-optimized Embedded Software2009DAC

2010 Virtual Phones and Cloud Computing

Date Speaker Title Year Conference
99/12/28陳泓叡 Harnessing Memory Redundancy in Virtual Machines2008OSDI
99/12/28星宇Energy Aware Consolidation for Cloud Computing2008USENIX
99/12/21信博Towards Application Security on Untrusted Operating Systems2008USENIX
99/12/21彥謙 A Lightweight User-Centric Tool to Support Remote Execution in Virtual Organizations2008USENIX
99/12/14謝正鵬An Empirical Study on Memory Sharing of Virtual Machines for Server Consolidation2011SC2
99/12/07陳勇偉 High Availability via Asynchronous Virtual Machine Replication2008USENIX NSDI
99/11/23許匯鑫Virtual Smartphone Over IP2010WOWMOM
99/11/23謝正鵬 a Computation Offloading Framework for Smartphones2010ICST
99/11/16沈穎志Generating Realistic Impressions for File-System Benchmarking2009FAST
99/11/16韋州 A Congestion-Aware Network File System2009USENIX
99/11/02堃吉 Integrated Lease Management and Partitioning for Cloud Services2009
99/11/02祥文 A Policy Architecture for Distributed Storage Systems2009USENIX NSDI
99/10/26陳泓叡Flexible, Wide-Area Storage for Distributed Systems with WheelFS2009USENIX NSDI
99/10/26星宇Migration without Virtualization2009USENIX
99/10/19信博 Cross Application Data Provenance and Policy Enforcement2009USENIX
99/10/19彥謙Implicit Authentication for Mobile Devices2009USENIX
99/10/12陳勇偉 The Case for Using Virtualization to Add Type Awareness to File Systems2010MobiSys
99/10/12許匯鑫Anatomizing Application Performance Differences on Smartphones2010MobiSys
99/10/05李振邦Fast and Cautious Evolution of Cloud Storage2010USENIX
99/10/05謝正鵬Energy Efficiency of Mobile Clients in Cloud Computing2010USENIX
99/09/07謝正鵬Post-Copy Live Migration of Virtual Machines2009ACM SIGOPS
99/09/07楊騏鴻 Exploiting Page Sharing for Smart Colocation in Virtualized Data Centers2009ACM SIGOPS
99/09/06陳人豪Performance Predictions for General-Purpose Computation on GPUs2007ICPP
99/08/31陳泓叡A Scalable and Robust Eventually Consistent Shared Memory Over a Peer-to-peer Overlay2010ACM SIGOPS
99/08/31許匯鑫Structured Decomposition of Adaptive Application2008MobiVirt
99/08/24陳勇偉A High-performanance Remote Computing Platform2009IEEE PerCom
99/08/24李振邦 Enablers and Services for Emerging Pervasive Computing Environments2009IEEE PerCom
99/08/24沈穎志 Enabling Mobile Proximity-based Content Sharing on Portable Devices2009IEEE PerCom
99/08/17楊騏鴻A Dynamic Platform for Runtime Adaptation2009IEEE PerCom
99/08/17謝正鵬 Transparent Development of Efficient Cyber Foraging Applications2010IEEE PerCom


Date Speaker Title Year Conference
99/01/15李慧娟A Lightweight Dynamic Performance Monitoring Framework for Embedded Systems2009ICESS


Date Speaker Title Year Conference
98/10/02 黃昱文Instruction Level Power Analysis 2009
98/10/22蕭叡鴻Path Projection for User-Centered Static Analysis Tools 2008 PASTE
98/12/18 謝正鵬 secure spread spectrum watermarking for multimedia 1999 IEEE Transaction On Image Processing



Date Speaker Title Year Conference
97 (2008)
97/12/25 楊秋盛 Optimization of Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication on Emerging Multicore Platforms 2007 SC'07
97/12/11 孫天秀 COMIC: A Coherent Shared Memory Interface for Cell BE 2008 PACT'08
97/11/20 陳俞任 An Adaptive Two-Level Management for the Flash Translation Layer in Embedded System 2006 ICCAD'11
97/11/20 楊文隆 Orchestrating Data Transfer for the Cell B.E. Processor 2008 ICS'08
97/11/13 蔡東杰 Cell GC: using the cell synergistic processor as a garbage collection coprocessor 2008 VEE'08
97/11/06 張皓翔 Quickly finding near-optimal storage system designs 2005 ACM Transactions on Computer Systems
97/10/30 周威廷 Gnort:High Performance Network Intrusion Detection Using Graphics Processors 2008 RAID
97/10/16 林庚佑 Efficient operating system scheduling for performance-asymmetric multi-core architectures 2007 SC
97/10/09 陳雋中 A Robust Main-Memory Compression Scheme 2008 ISCA
97/09/18 林宗慶 CellSs: a Programming Model for the Cell BE Architecture 2006 SC
97/09/12 蕭叡鴻 Snort-Lightweight Intrusion Detection For Networks 1999 USENIX
97/09/05 林俊廷 High-Performance Timing Simulation of Embedded Software 2008 DAC
97/08/22 孫天秀 Trace-based Performance Analysis on Cell BE 2008 ISPASS
97/08/08 陳俞任 iWARP
97/07/22~08/01 paslab membors PAS Lab Summer Workshop 2008 PAS Lab Summer Workshop
97/07/18 楊文隆 Cell broadband engine architecture and its first implementation - a performance view 2007 IBM Journal of Research and Development
97/07/11 許文昌 a Timing Analyzer for Embedded Software 2007 Preprint submitted to Elsevier
97/07/04 陳雋中 Process Redundancy for Future-Generation CMP Fault Tolerance 2005 HiPEAC
97/06/26 張皓翔 Research and Implementation of Zero-Copy Technology Based on Device Driver in Linux 2006 IMSCCS
97/06/19 林宗慶 An Effective Strategy for Porting C++ Applications on Cell 2007 ICPP
97/06/05 孫天秀 Adaptive Caches - Effective Shaping of Cache Behavior to Workloads 2006 MICRO
97/05/22 廖彧宏 Native ISS-SystemC Integration for the Co-Simulation of Multi-Processor 2007 DATE
97/05/22 陳俞任 Improving Performance Isolation on Chip Multiprocessors via an Operating System Scheduler 2007 PACT
97/05/15 楊文隆 Continuous Optimization 2005 ISCA
97/05/08 王俊文 Design and Implementation of Zero-Copy Data Path for efficient file Transmission 2006 HPCC
97/05/08 莊豐旭 Synopsys VCS/SystemC Co-simulation
97/05/01 張皓翔 An Efficient Quality-Aware Memory Controller for Multimedia Platform SoC2005 IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology
97/04/24 黃昶竣 Assessment of Data Path Implementations for Download and Streaming2007 International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering
97/04/24 陳雋中 An integrated framework for dependable and revivable architecture using Multicore Processor2006 ISCA
97/04/24 許文昌 QEMU, a Fast and Portable Dynamic Translator2005 FREENIX
97/04/10 陳江睿 Memory Access Scheduling2000 ISCA
97/04/03 林宗慶 Optimization principles and application performance evaluation of a multithreaded GPU using CUDA2008 PPoPP
97/03/27 蔡承祐 Performance Driven Data Cache Prefetching in a Dynamic Software Optimization System2007 ICS
97/03/27 涂嘉恆 FastForward for Efficient Pipeline Parallelism_A Cache-Optimized Concurrent Lock-Free Queue2008 PPoPP
97/03/20 孫天秀 An Analysis of Efficient Multi-Core Global Power Management Policies - Maximizing Performance for a Given Power Budget2006 MICRO
97/03/20 陳俞任 Improving Multiprocessors Performance with Coarse-Grain Coherence Tracking2005 ISCA
97/03/14 楊文隆 Diagnosing Performance Overheads in the Xen Virtual Machine Environment2005 ICOVEE
97/03/14 廖彧宏 Performance Studies of Commercial Workloads on a Multi-core2007 IISWC
97/03/07 張皓翔 Transaction Level Modeling2003 CODES+ISSS
97/03/07 陳冠儒 SPEC CPU2000-Measuring CPU Performance in the New Millennium2000 Computer
97/03/07 許文昌 Compiler Supports and Optimizations for PAC VLIW DSP Processors_LCPC_20052005 LCPC
97/02/29 莊豐旭 Adaptive Least Mean Square Behavioral Power Modeling1997 ED&TC
97/02/22 王俊文 Boosting Data Transfer with TCP Offload Engine Technology2006 Dell Power Solution
97/01/25 陳雋中 Efficient Permutation Instructions for Fast Software Cryptography2001 MICRO
97/01/11 林宗慶 Hybrid Transactional Memory2006 ASPLOS
97/01/11 陳江睿 Speeding up systemC simulation through process splitting2007 EEDA


Date Speaker Title Year Conference
96 (2007)
96/12/28 蔡承祐 An Integrated Hardware/Software Approach For Run-Time Scratchpad Management2004 DAC
96/12/14 涂嘉恆 Scalable lossless high definition image coding on multicore platforms2007 EUC
96/12/14 林柏宏 Interconnections in Multi-core Architectures-Understanding Mechanisms, Overheads and Scaling2005 ISCA
96/12/07 陳冠儒 Core Architecture Optimization for Heterogeneous Chip Multiprocessors2006 PACT
96/11/28 莊豐旭 A Power Estimation Methodology for SystemC Transaction Level Models2005 CODES+ISSS
96/11/28 楊文隆 Stream Programming on General-Purpose Processors2005 ISOM
96/11/14 張皓翔 Limiting the Power Consumption of Main Memory2007 ISCA
96/11/14 王俊文 Data Cache Prefetching Using a Global History Buffer2005 IEEE Micro
96/10/31 黃昶竣 Performance Improvement of Block Based NAND Flash Translation Layer2007 CODES+ISSS
96/10/31 許文昌 Enabling Partial Cache Line Prefetching Through Data Compression2003 ICPP
96/10/24 陳江睿 Shadow Profiling_Hiding Instrumentation Costs with Parallelism2007 CGO'07
96/10/24 陳雋中 Single ISA Heterogeneous MultiCore Architectures - The Potential for Processor Power Reduction2003 MICRO
96/10/17 林宗慶 Hybrid Multi-Core Architecture for Boosting Single-Threaded Performance2007 SIGARCH
96/10/04 林柏宏 Split Private and Shared L2 Cache Architecture for Snooping-based CMP2007 ICIS
96/09/27 涂嘉恆 Summarization of 2007 graduate thesis topics from PAS Lab
96/09/27 陳俞任 L1 Data Cache Decomposition for Energy Efficiency 2001 ISLPED
96/09/20 楊文隆 Reflections on the Memory Wall 2004 COCF
96/09/12 陳冠儒 Cost-Efficient Memory Architecture Design of NAND Flash Memory Embedded Systems 2003 ICCD
96/09/12 張皓翔 Dynamic Branch Prediction with Perceptrons 2001 ISHPCA
96/09/05 陳雋中 Energy-Security Tradeoff in a Secure Cache Architecture Against Buffer Overflow Attacks 2004 WASSA
96/09/05 莊豐旭 Token Coherence_Decoupling Performance and Correctness 2003 ISCA
96/08/29 許文昌 A Study of Control Independence in Superscalar Processors 1999
96/08/29 王俊文 A NAND Flash Memory File Cache for Low Power Web Servers 2006 CASES
96/08/22 林宗慶 Architectural Support for Fast Symmetric-Key Cryptography 2000 SIGARCH
96/08/15 蔡承祐 Dynamic code instrumentation to detect and recover from return address corruption 2006 WODA’06
96/08/01 黃昶竣 An Industrial Case Study 2006 CODES+ISS'06
96/07/25 陳江睿 Modeling Superscalar Processors via Statistical Simulation 2001 PACT'01
96/07/25 涂嘉恆 Scalable Lossless High Definition Image Coding on Multicore Platforms 2007 Technical Report
96/07/11 廖彧宏 Choerence Ordering FOR Ring-Based Chip Multiprocessors 2007 MICRO'06
96/07/06 黃書政 Developing new tracing and performance analysis techniques for embedded application 2007 NTU
96/06/08 陳冠儒 Increasing the effectiveness of disk spin-down algorithms with caching 2006 MASCOTS
96/06/08 吳建成 Performance Evaluation of Caching and Prefetch Strategies 2007 NTU
96/06/08 林以迪 Approximating the Calling Context Tree via Sampling 2000 IBM
96/06/04 陳人豪
96/05/11 林煌森 A User-Friendly Methodology forAutomatic Exploration of Compiler Options 2006 PLC
96/05/11 王俊文 Flexible Hardware/Software Support for Message Passing on a Distributed Shared Memory Architecture 2005 DATE
96/05/04 陳奇孟 Using Machine Learning to Focus Iterative Optimization 2006 CGO
96/05/04 莊豐旭 Power reduction of multiple disks using dynamic cache resizing and speed control 2006 ISLPED
96/04/27 黃昶竣 A Design Kit for a Fully Working Shared Memory Multiprocessor on FPGA 2007 GLSVLSI
96/04/27 陳嘉翔 A Self-Tuning Cache Architecture for Embedded Systems 2004 DATE
96/04/20 陳江睿 Precise and Accurate Processor Simulation 2002 CAECW
96/04/20 林柏宏 Hierarchical Disk Sharing for Multimedia Systems 2005 NOSSDAV
96/04/13 張筱薇 FastMP-Multi-core Simulation Methodology 2006 MoBS
96/04/13 蔡承祐 Automatic Logging of Operating System Effect to Guide Application-Level Architecture Simulation 2006 SIGMetrics
96/03/30 廖彧宏 A Code Motion Technique for Accelerating General-Purpose Computation on the GPU 2006 IPDPS
96/03/30 涂嘉恆 MiDataSets_Creating The Conditions For A More Realistic Evaluation of Iterative Optimization 2007 HiPEAC
96/03/23 陳冠儒 Energy Efficient Prefetching and Caching 2004 USENIX
96/03/23 林以迪 Evaluating SIP Server Performance 2007 SIGMATRICS
96/03/16 吳建成 Detailed Execution Profile 2006 PACT
96/03/16 陳人豪 Accelerating Architectural Exploration Using Canonical Instruction Segments 2006 ISPASS
96/03/09 黃書政 Probabilistic Source-Level Optimisation of Embedded Programs 2004 LCTES
96/03/02 林煌森 Fast and Effective Orchestration of Compiler Optimizations for Automatic Performance Tuning 2006 CGO
96/03/02 莊豐旭 Dynamic Speed Control for Power Management in Server Class Disks 2003 SIGARCH
96/02/09 黃昶竣 Dynamic Loop Caching Meets Preloaded Loop Caching – A Hybrid Approach 2002 ICCD
96/02/09 王俊文 Virtual Disk based Centralized Management for Enterprise Networks 2006 SIGCOMM
96/02/02 陳奇孟 Fast, Automatic, Procedure-Level Performance Tuning 2006 PACT
96/02/02 陳嘉翔 Configurable Cache Subsetting for Fast Cache Tuning 2006 DAC
96/01/26 林柏宏 Performance Evalution of Storage Systems Based on Network-Attached Disks 2000 TPDS
96/01/26 張筱薇 Comparing System-Level Power Management Policies 2001 Design&Test
96/01/12 陳江睿 Simultaneous Multithreading_Maximizing On-Chip Parallelism 1995 ISCA
96/01/12 蔡承祐 Trace Cache_A Low Latency Approach to High Bandwidth Instruction Fetching 1996 MICRO
96/01/05 陳人豪 ARM Code-O-Rama Design Contest 2006 2006
96/01/05 涂嘉恆 Automatic Recommendation of Compiler Options 2001 FDDO


Date Speaker Title Year Conference
95 (2006)
95/12/29 陳冠儒 Dynamic OnChip Memory Management for Chip Multiprocessors 2004 CASES
95/12/29 林以迪 Accurate, Efficient, and Adaptive Calling Context Profiling 2006 PLDI
95/12/22 吳建成 Effective Instruction Prefetching in Chip Multiprocessors for Modern Commercial Applications 2005 HPCA
95/12/22 黃書政 A Framework for Reducing the Cost of Instrumented code 2001 PLDI
95/12/15 廖彧宏 Multiplex_Unifying Conventional and Speculative Thread-Level Parallelism on A Chip Multiprocessor 2001 ICS
95/12/15 林煌森 Statistical Selection of Compiler Options 2004 MASCOTS
95/12/08 莊豐旭 Adaptive Mechanisms and Policies for Managing Cache Hierarchies in Chip Multiprocessors 2005 ISCA
95/12/08 王俊文 Compositional, Efficient Caches for Chip Multi-Processor 2006 EDAA
95/12/01 陳奇孟 Simics-A Full System Simulation Platform 2002 Computer
95/12/01 陳嘉翔 Adaptive Cache Compression for High-Performance Processors 2004 ISCA
95/11/24 林柏宏 Cooperative Caching for Chip Multiprocessors 2006 ISCA
95/11/24 黃昶竣 A Scalable Approach to Thread-Level Speculation 2000 ISCA
95/11/10 陳江睿 Dead-Block Prediction & Dead-Block Correlating Prefetchers 2001 ISCA
95/11/10 張筱薇 High-Level Architecture Exploration for MPEG4 Encoder with Custom Parameters 2006 ASP-DAC
95/11/03 涂嘉恆 Enhancing Microkernel Performance on VLIW DSP Processor via Multi-Set Context Switch 2006 VLSI SPS
95/10/20 林以廸 Cross-Architecture Performance Predictions for Scientific Applications Using Parameterized Models 2004 SIGMETRICS
95/10/20 吳建成 Energy-Efficient Instruction Scheduling Utilizing Cache Miss Information 2006 MEDEA
95/09/12 莊豐旭 Balenced Cache_Reducing Conflict Misses of Direct-Mapped Caches through Programmable Decoders 2006 ISCA
95/09/05 陳嘉翔 Counter-Based Cache Replacement Algorithms 2005 ICCD
95/08/15 涂嘉恆 Transition Aware Scheduling_Increasing Continuous Idle-Periods in Resource Units 2005 CF
95/07/18 陳嘉翔 Issue and Challenges in the Performance Analysis of Real Disk Arrays 2004 TPDS
95/07/11 涂嘉恆 Exploiting Hardware Performance Counters with Flow and Context Sensitive Profiling 1997 PLDI
95/05/30 陳嘉翔 Systems Support for Preemptive Disk Scheduling 2005 TC
95/04/25 陳人豪 Statistical Simulation_Adding Efficiency to the Computer Designer's Toolbox 2003 Micro
95/03/28 陳嘉翔 Improving Program Efficiency by Packing Instructions into Registers 2005 ISCA
95/03/14 涂嘉恆 Hierarchical Shape Analysis 2006 CTHPC
林以廸 Efficient Path Profiling 1996 MICRO
林以廸 Direct Cache Access for High Bandwidth Network I/O 2005 ISCA
林以廸 Optimizing Replication, Communication, and Capacity Allocation in CMPs 2005 ISCA
林煌森 Adaptive Forwarding and Filtering of Snoopsin Embedded-Ring Multiprocessors 2006 ISCA
林煌森 A Case for MLP-Aware Cache Replacement 2006 ISCA
林煌森 An Architecture Framework for Transparent Instruction Set 2005 ISCA
林柏宏 A Non-Invasive Exclusive Caching Mechanism for RAIDs 2004 ISCA
林柏宏 Improving Multiprocessor Performance with Coarse-Grain Coherence Tracking 2005 ISCA
張筱薇 The Impact of Performance Asymmetry 2005 ISCA
陳人豪 Multiple Instruction Stream Processor 2006 ISCA
陳人豪 SDL overview
陳人豪 Tolerating Dependences Between Large Speculative Threads Via Sub-Threads 2006 ISCA
黃書政 Finding Optimal L1 Cache Configuration for Embedded Systems 2006 ASP-DAC
黃書政 Program Demultiplexing 2006 ISCA
黃書政 The V-Way Cache Demand Based Associativity 2005 ISCA
黃書政 ARC_A Self-Tuning, Low Overhead Replacement Cache 2003 FAST
陳奇孟 Architecture for Protecting Critical Secrets in Microprocessors 2005 ISCA
蔡承祐 Drowsy Cache-Simple Techniques for Reducing Leakage Power 2002 ISCA
蔡承祐 An Efficient Cache Design for Scalable Glueless Shared-Memory Multiprocessors 2006 CF
陳江睿 Hibernator_Helping Disk Arrays Sleep through the Winter 2005 SOSP
王俊文 Data Cache Locking for Higher Program Predictability 2003 SIGMETRICS
黃昶竣 Reducing Power Consumption of the Issue Logic 2000 WCED
蔡駿逸 PacketBench- A Tool for Workload Characterization of Network Processing 2003 WWC
蔡駿逸 Pinot- Speculative Multi-threading Processor Architecture Exploiting Parallelism over a Wide Range of Granularities 2005 MICRO
Measuring and Characterizing System Behavior Using Kernel-Level Event 2000 USENIX
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