2006 Summer Project for newbies

This page highlights the short-term project for new members in PAS lab.

Project progress


  • To put you all together in a short time and do something meaningful to gain some performance analysis background.
  • To indirectly support both of on-going projects.
  • To learn by practicing.


  • Install Linux and profiling tools.
  • Analyze the performance of benchmarks with those tools.
  • Explain the performance statistics and propose a solution to improve performance of tested benchmarks.
  • Show the performance improvement if any. Or why there is no performance imrprovement?

For how long?

  • Roughly a month. (Aug 2006 ~ Sep. 2006)
  • We will sit down and check your work together and see if any further improvement should be done.

What performance statistics you would present ?

Please show the following performance data through profiling benchmarks,

  • Memory
  • Cache
  • Call-graph
  • Heap
  • Thread (Helgrind, please check if we could install it on our machine.)
  • Hot path
  • Lock
  • Program phase
  • Variants and Patches (plese play as many as possible.)


 You will use both of profiling tools to do performance analysis jobs on the same benchmarks and compare the difference between the power of those tools.
  • Valgrind

The Valgrind distribution includes four useful debugging and profiling tools:

  1. A memory error detector
  2. A cache (time) profiler
  3. A call-graph profiler
  4. A heap (space) profiler.
  5. A thread debugger.
  6. Other Tools
  • Vtune
    1. The same topics as above.


  • !!!! benchmarks (Please find some benchmarks here.)
    1. SPEC-CPU 2000.
    2. WinBench.
    3. SPECWeb 99.
    4. Another benchmark.
  • OpenSER benchmark. (Vtune)
  • SPEC - CPU2000: (a, m)
  • !Video Streaming benchmarks.
  • File server benchmarks.
  • Web server benchmarks.
  • IOZone (Storage): open source (a, m)
  • MiBench (Embedded)
  • Bonnie, Bonnie++ (Storage): Source code released (a, m)
  • HPC Challenge: source code. Floating point and CPU, and some parallel issue testing (a, m)
  • Or other storage related benchmarks.
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