Workload Characterization of 3D programs

  • Goal:
    1. Workload Characterization of 3D programs.
    2. Propose new algorithms or architecture to take advantages from different workload.
  • Environment:
    1. Input program:
      • opengl trace of 3D game.
    2. Platform:
      • Attila simulator.
  • Layers for 3D game.
    1. 3D program (3D game programming concurrency solution)
    2. middleware
    3. GPU

Action Items:

  • ATTILA related:
    1. Run game trace on the ATTILA to get performance data. (PolidaB)
      1. To understand the output data, signal file.
    2. Try to obtain GPU utilization on each pipeline stage for all programs. (Yakult)
      • Especially pixel shader.
    3. Analyze trace file format generated by OGL tracer.(Yakult & ciroses)
      • (done) GLPlayer to replay data. Note
      • Where GPUs communicates with Memory to get data it needs. (Does any dependency exist?)
    4. How to configure ATTILA into a new architecture? (PolidaB)
      • By configuring bGPU.ini file.
  • Papers and miscellaneous:
    1. (done) Read papers - ATTILA & *Workload characterization <performance results A~E>. (all)
    2. List generations of GPU and guess the trend. (ciroses & C.H.)

Our Progress:

GPU simulator

  • ATTILA - A Cycle-Level Execution-Driven Simulator for Modern GPU Architecture

GPU data flow


  1. Official blog for ATTILA - Papers could be found here.
    • NVPerfKit is a comprehensive suite of performance tools to help debug and profile OpenGL and Direct3D applications. It gives you access to low-level performance counters inside the driver and hardware counters inside the GPU itself. The counters can be used to determine exactly how your application is using the GPU, identify performance issues, and confirm that performance problems have been resolved.
    • In the simplest case, the stencil buffer is used to limit the area of rendering (stenciling). More advanced usage of the stencil buffer make use of the strong connection between the depth buffer and the stencil buffer in the rendering pipeline (for example, stencil values can be automatically increased/decreased for every pixel that failed or passed the depth test).
  • Xeon - The Xenos GPU is a custom chip designed by ATI, used in the Xbox 360.


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