• Place GLPlayer.exe and its configuration file GLPconfig.ini wherever you want on your drive
  • Modify the GLPconfig.ini file to point to the trace files captured with GLInterceptor that you want to reproduce
  inputFile=tracefile.txt             OpenGL API call trace file name
  bufferFile=BufferDescriptors.dat    OpenGL API call buffer descriptors file name
  memFile=MemoryRegions.dat           OpenGL API call memory regions file name
  • Set the player parameters
  freezeFrame=0                       Sets if the player reproduces the trace in sequence
                                      (0) or stops after each frame (0).  When freezeMode
                                      is enabled use the 'f' key to move to the next frame
  fps=100                             Maximum framerate for the reproduction (freezeMode
  resTrace=1                          Use (1) the resolution specified in the trace as the
                                      reproduction resolution/window size
  resViewport=1                       Use (1) the resolution specified by the first
                                      glViewport() call
  defaultRes=800x600                  Sets the default resolution if the other two methods
                                      are disabled or fail to obtain a resolution
  startFrame=0                        Sets the reproduction start frame.  If set different
                                      from 0 GLPlayer will skip and avoid rendering the
                                      first n frames of the trace
  autoCapture=0                       If set to 1 captures and dumps as bmps all the
                                      rendered frames.  Manual capturing is performed using
                                      the 'C' key.
  bufferCache=100                     (ask Carlos)
  allowUndefinedBuffers=0             (ask Carlos)
  • Execute GLPlayer

While reproducing the trace this keys can be used :

      ESC     End the reproduction
      C       Capture the current frame (only works with freeze mode)
      F       Move to the next frame (only works with freeze mode)
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